Want more conversions for your paid ads?

There's a trick.

One of the biggest mistakes PPC marketers make is trying to close the deal with COLD traffic.

But, you already know that typical COLD Traffic conversion rates are around 2%, whereas you can get up to 60% and 70% conversion rates by remarketing.

Want to know the new HOT TRAFFIC HACK using “in-page” engagement “intent signals” (like SCROLL DEPTH and ACTUAL READING TIME) on your Promoted Content and Sales Pages to retarget your MOST Engaged Traffic.

Want to you warm up your traffic to make it easier to convert?

The Four Steps to WARMING Your Traffic

Here's a simple 4 STEP process that works and you can copy-- and start using in your campaigns today...

STEP 1: Send Cold traffic to Awesome Content

Show ads to Cold traffic to send visitors to some awesome pre-sales content that gives immediate practical value to your ideal customer.

INSTEAD of sending Cold traffic direct to a sales page where you ask for something, instead, you need to give some initial value to your Cold Traffic by sending them to some awesome free open content that offers value to your ideal customer.

That way, you start the relationship by giving amazing value, and getting your cold audience (who don't yet know you!) to begin the process of liking and trusting you (or your brand).

NOTE: Ideally your content will also RAISE awareness of the problem, and make visitors AWARE that your solution exists.

STEP 2: Segment your HOT Traffic from your WARM Traffic

Some of your traffic may go from COLD to WARM to HOT very quickly , and be ready to subscribe, signup, download or buy. (This can happen within a few minutes from clicking your ad.)

This may be only 5% - 15% of your traffic, BUT if they've demonstrated that they're HOT, you can retarget them directly with your OFFER, to **ascend to next step **in your sales funnel.

Most people won't be ready to ascend that fast, and you'll need to warm them up, which we'll come to in Step 4. We'll also come the HOW to segment your traffic later, but first lets go to Step 3...

STEP 3: Show "OFFER" ads to HOT traffic to ascend your funnel.

ACTION: Retarget HOT traffic directly with your OFFER

So you're going to retarget your HOT traffic with ads to drive them to your lead magnet or tripwire offer or sales page..

ACTION: Retarget HOT traffic directly with your OFFER

STEP 4: Show "VALUE" ads to WARM traffic to build more value + trust

Most cold traffic will need more value (and time) before they are ready to buy. This may be 80% - 90% of your traffic.

Because they were interested enough to click your ad, they're now WARM, but if they HAVEN'T demonstrated they're HOT, they may not be ready to ascend to next step in your sales funnel.

ACTION: Retarget WARM traffic with more VALUE

You can keep this traffic on your WARM list, and then work to warm them up by retargeting them with more VALUE to build the relationship (more value, more trust).

Additional temperature building content could include:

  • testimonials,
  • video testimonials,
  • social proof,
  • case studies,
  • whitepapers,
  • educational videos
  • etc...

You could even show the SAME initial content, perhaps with a different creative.

ACTION: Retarget WARM traffic with more VALUE.

Basically you're going to show Warm Traffic more content that offers VALUE, as you keep warming your audience.

And when they're HOT, you can THEN send them to your next step to ascend the funnel (e.g. a lead magnet or tripwire sale page).

This post is part of a series of posts on using “in-page” Facebook Pixel actions and Buyer Intent behaviour to laser focus your remarketing to your MOST Engaged Traffic, and get more bang for your PPC buck. You can read the main post here.

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