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Great, because you're about to discover the latest new HOT TRAFFIC HACK using “in-page” actions and Buyer Intent behaviour...

small but powerful little things that show how much ATTENTION you actually get from each visitor..

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( P.S. I've included a free helper for FB pixel, so you can quickly add this strategy to some of your own campaigns. )

The Surprisingly Simple Reason WHY your Facebook Ads aren't making the Returns you Want

Let's back up at little, to the ONE surprisingly simple reason why your Facebook advertising campaigns may not be making the kind of returns you want

(the good news is that its NOW easier than ever to fix...)

HINT: its all about "Traffic Temperature"

And, once you've learned how to automatically tell Facebook the difference between Cold, Warm and HOT traffic, I promise you'll be 10X more likely to see:

  • more signups
  • more conversions.
  • a jump in your lead quality,
  • ..and maybe even a lower cost per lead.

So, what's the BIG DEAL with Traffic Temperature?

Well, it's all about relationships and to explain, let me ask you a question... "do you like going to parties and making new friends?"

...because online conversions happen just like in the real world...

So, let's imagine you're at a party or an event...

.. and you meet a guy who sells Tax Planning Advice for a living...

.. now, lets say that as soon as you meet he immediately tries to SELL you some tax saving plan, most likely you're going to have a pretty cold reaction and you'll probably run a mile! ..eeek!!

But, suppose, instead, he just throws you a valuable money saving tax tip, into the general party chit-chat?

Now you're more likely to have a warmer reaction, thinking, ...

"Hey that was really useful, he's one cool guy! He gave me GREAT info I can use, and he DIDN'T try to sell me anything.."

Now, suppose the next day, on your way to work you see a billboard from... the SAME guy ...offering a tax planning consultation.

Aren't you much MORE likely to respond to his offer??

Of course you are.

And isn't the difference that he WARMED you up first with his helpful tip, and then you were more open to his later offer?

"he warmed you up FIRST by GIVING value, so you were more open to his offer.."

Because now you're friends. You know him. You like him. Already you even trust him a bit...

And everybody knows people prefer to buy from people they like and trust.

people are MORE willing to buy from people they LIKE and TRUST

And, isn't it exactly the same for your paid traffic campaigns...?

I mean, you're advertising to real people.

People just like you.

People who run a mile from sales people at parties!

So don't you think you too will have a better chance of converting your paid traffic if you first warm up YOUR audience, by offering value, before you ask for something?

(SIDE NOTE: This is actually proved by science... in psychology its called "Reciprocation", and is a fundamental part of human relations.)
Audience Temperature is EVERYTHING in Conversions

FACT: The warmer your audience, the better your conversions.

KEY POINT: Audience "buying temperature" is EVERYTHING in Conversions. You need to warm up your prospects, BEFORE you ask them to take action.

Audience "buying temperature" is EVERYTHING in Conversions.

Buying Temperature: Cold, Warm & Hot Traffic

Ok, so there are THREE types of traffic: COLD, WARM and HOT.

Now pay attention here, because the hotter your audience, the better they will convert, whether its to:

  • signup for your lead magnet
  • download your Case Study
  • signup for your webinar
  • buy your low-cost (trip wire) offer
  • buy your core product
  • etc, etc, ...

The warmer you can make your traffic, the more likely they will become a lead, and ultimately a customer.

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IMPORTANT: You need to understand that there's basically a sliding scale of traffic from the coldest to the hottest. And EVERY potential customer/lead is somewhere along that scale.

Your job is to "warm them up" so they can successfully
ascend your sales funnel.

How to systematically move your traffic from COLD to WARM to HOT to ascend each step of your Funnel

How to Push Traffic through your Sales Funnel

You can think of a sales funnel as the series of steps each customer goes through from awareness, to engaging with your content, opting for your content upgrade/webinar, buying your low-cost tripwire product, getting more excited and ultimately becoming a valuable repeat customer and avid promoter ...

KEY POINT: Each individual visitor must be ready to ascend your funnel. You do this by systematically moving your traffic from WARM to HOT at each step up the funnel.

Traffic must be ready to ascend. You do this by moving your traffic from WARM to HOT at each step.

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OK, so the next obvious question is then, how do you warm up your traffic to make it easier to convert and ascend?

The Four Steps Build Traffic Temperature and Ascend the Funnel

So, there's a simple 4 STEP process to WARMING Your Traffic so they're HOT and ready to convert and ascend your funnel.

You're welcome to copy it and start using it on your Facebook PPC Campaigns right now...

The Four Steps to WARMING Your Traffic

First this process BEGINS a relationship by you giving amazing value, and getting your Cold audience (who don't yet know you!) to begin the process of liking and trusting you (or your brand)...

.... and CONTINUES building buying temperature UNTIL they're HOT, and ready to ascend your funnel... (be it an email signup, lead magnet download or tripwire sales page).

The 4 steps to build buying temperature and ascend the funnel are:

  1. DRIVE: Drive Cold traffic to valuable Content
  2. SEGMENT: Segment your HOT and WARM Traffic (as explained below)
  3. BUILD: Build Value and Trust with your WARM traffic
  4. ASCEND: Ascend and Sell to your HOT traffic

Some of your traffic may go from COLD to WARM to HOT very quickly , and be ready to convert and ascend within a few minutes from seeing your ad. And if they've DEMONSTRATED that they're HOT, you can retarget them directly with your OFFER, to *ascend to next step *in your sales funnel.

But most people won't be ready to ascend that fast, and you'll need to warm them up, by retargeting with MORE content to build value and trust.

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Buyer Intent: The Temperature Signs of Individual Visitors

Ok, the obvious question is "how do you know your traffic temperature"? How do you know which visitors (real living human beings, remember!) are HOT and ready for your offer?

Your about to learn exactly how to measure temperature, but first, let's take a look at two COLD TRAFFIC visitors who Click your Ad in Facebook and how their actions would demonstrate their buying temperature...

Read the summary below, and choose which ONE of John or Mary is showing stronger Intent Signals and is MOST likely to convert.

create Super Hot Retargeting Lists and Convert More Leads - Who's HOT and ready to ascend your Sales Funnel

Let's take a look at John's intent signals...

  • John read most, if not all, of your article, and
  • invested his time and trusted you enough, to
  • spend his social capital by sharing your article on Facebook.

Boom!! John is your HOT traffic!!

SIDE NOTE: TIME is a proxy for ATTENTION. In todays fast moving distracted world, attention is more scarce than time, and so getting your visitors' attention is CRUCIAL if they are going to CONSUME your message and become a customer.

So, from now on, when you hear about Time on Page, you really want to think of this as a measure of Visitor Attention.

So, you would want to put John into a HOT Custom Remarketing Audience to ascend to the next step in your sales funnel.

Mary on the other hand, hasn't yet SHOWN a readiness to ascend your sales funnel.

First you need to warm Mary up....so you would retarget her with more value building content:

You will get a better conversion rate by retargeting the HOT audience of people like John who have demonstrated a clear interest.

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So, the next question then is...

How do you segment your traffic into separate Custom Audiences so you can:

  • show your offe to HOT traffic (like John), and
  • give more value to WARM traffic (like Mary)?

Segmenting your HOT and WARM traffic based on their ATTENTION isn't so easy, because there's a problem with page based retargeting audiences.

How to Segment your Traffic into separate WARM and HOT Custom Audiences

Most people create audiences based on Pages visited... but here's the problem with Page based retargeting audiences:

they don't tell you HOW interested your traffic is.

Page based Retargeting Audiences don't show HOW interested your traffic is.

Every visitor to your site "seems" the same, but now you KNOW they aren't!!

Some traffic will leave quickly without reading, others will stay, will read, will scroll down the page, will invest their time, will invest their ATTENTION. will show interest by their specific actions on the page.

BUT, the PROBLEM is that IF you don't know WHAT they did on the page --
their actions -- you cannot segment.

The PROBLEM: if you don't know WHAT each visitor did on the page-- you cannot segment your WARM and HOT traffic.

In fact, given that its standard industry practice to treat every page visitor the same, thats the one reason why so many people make the same simple mistake, and put ALL page visitors into the SAME remarketing audience -- regardless of the interest level teach visitor has shown!

(But not you, right? Because you know better.)

What YOU want is to:

  • put your HOT traffic in a HOT audience (for conversion), and
  • put your WARM traffic in a WARM audience (for building temperature).

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So, how do you tell your Facebook Pixel exactly what each visitor does ON the page? Well, here's where it gets interesting, and in fact you're about to learn a brand new solution using Facebook "In-Page" visitor actions...

NEW! Action Based Facebook Custom Audiences: The latest HOT Traffic HACK

Here's the latest HOT traffic hack using Facebook "In-Page" action events...

Finally, you will be able to segment and create HOT audiences based on each visitor's actual buying temperature "intent signals" like exact Page Scroll Depth and actual Attention Time.

NOW! Create HOT Facebook Custom audiences using each visitor's actual buying temperature intent signals.

Imagine opening your Facebook Ads Manager to Create a Custom Audience of Website Traffic and THEN selecting-- from your saved events-- to build an Audience of:

  • people who SCROLLED 80% (or more) of the page, or
  • people who invested a whole minute of their precious ATTENTION (at least) actually consuming your message
  • or even people who took some other specific action like clicked a given button!

Inside Facebook Ads Manager it would look a bit like this:

facebook retargeting custom audiences scroll depth tracking AND time-on-page example

For example, you could tell Facebook when a visitor:

  • scrolls at least 50% of the page
  • spends at least 3 minutes on the page
  • clicks a social share button
  • and much more..

And with THAT information in Facebook, you can open your Facebook Audiences Manager and segment your WARM and HOT traffic by creating action based Facebook Custom Audiences.

So, for your HOT traffic, like John, you'd now be able to create a HOT Custom Audience of actual people who visited your Page and:

  • scrolled 50% of the page, or
  • spent 2 minutes on the page, or
  • shared the page (etc), or
  • almost anything else you can imagine!

How to Setup your HOT and WARM Custom Audiences in Facebook

First, you're going to need to add some Facebook Pixel event tracking code that will send data about each visitor direct to the Facebook Pixel.

You can ask your developer to add a little code like this (below) to your (or your client's) website, landing pages, or promoted blog posts. If you don't have a developer, we've got a FREE ready to install Facebook Pixel helper for you (at the end of this article).

Scroll Depth (ATTENTION) Events

Send message to Facebook Pixel: visitor Scrolled 25%, 50%, 75% of the Page


// Send message to Facebook Pixel: How far Visitor scrolled in Page:
fbq('trackCustom', '25 PERCENT SCROLL');
fbq('trackCustom', '50 PERCENT SCROLL');
fbq('trackCustom', '75 PERCENT SCROLL');

Ideally you'll want to send a page scroll event for every 10%, 20% or 25% of the page scrolled.

Page Time (ATTENTION) Events

To send a message to Facebook Pixel when a visitor invests 60 seconds ACTIVE time on the page. This should be the actual time, and obviously not count if tab is minimised or if the visitor leaves the window open and switches to another tab).


// Send message to Facebook Pixel: Seconds Active on Page:
fbq('trackCustom', 'ACTIVE 30 SECS');
fbq('trackCustom', 'ACTIVE 60 SECS');
fbq('trackCustom', 'ACTIVE 90 SECS');

Ideally you'll want to send a time event every 15 or 30 seconds.

How to Use this Data in your Facebook Ads Manager

Once you've got this setup, you're going to see events like 'BLOG ENGAGEMENT 50 PERCENT SCROLL' and 'BLOG ENGAGEMENT 60 SECS' inside your Facebook Ads Manager for creating audiences, like this:

EXAMPLE: Actual Page Reading Time INSIDE Facebook Ads Manager:

Facebook Ads Manager for creating audiences Actual Time on Page

EXAMPLE: Page Scroll Depth INSIDE Facebook Ads Manager:

Facebook Ads Manager for creating audiences Scroll Depth Percent on Page

And with this scroll depth and timing data sending into Facebook Pixel for EVERY VISITOR, you can quickly and easily create your HOT Custom Audiences so you can target traffic that viewed a specific page for minimum amount of time.

Want a QUICK Step-by-Step Guide? Sure!

I guessed you'd want some Step-by-Step guide to get you started? So I've put together some separate instructions, that are soo easy, even your kitty could follow (meaow...)

Step by Step Guide Even Your Cat could Follow

To keep us tidy here, the guide is in a separate post which shows how to create the following Custom HOT Audiences:

  • HOT traffic: People who Scrolled at least 50% Depth
  • HOT traffic: People who Spent at least 2 mins Reading Content
  • HOT traffic: People who Clicked your social share buttons

The following link assumes you've already created your in page action Page Events (like Scroll Events and Time on Page Event etc) for Facebook Pixel-- which is exactly what you're about to learn in the next section... If you want to skip ahead, go here

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What about Mary? (And your WARM Audiences.)

OK, for WARM traffic, like Mary, you'd create a Custom Audience of WARM traffic who:

  • Visited your Page
  • BUT you would Exclude anyone in any of the HOT audiences.

Going Further: Custom Audiences of People who took a Specific Action

Now, to get your imagination REALLY fired up, you could also build Facebook custom remarketing audiences of visitors who:

  • clicked a Watch Video button or a Watch Demo button, or
  • submitted a Contact US form on the page or even
  • submitted their email in a popup exit intent box etc.

So long as its a relevant demonstration of positive interest your creativity is your only limit.

Custom Facebook Audience of HOT traffic

OK, so what ACTION can you take RIGHT now?

Well, there's a number of things you can do, including:

  • Get started with Facebook's "Visitors by Time Spent" feature
  • Setup Page Scroll tracking for your Facebook Pixel
  • Setup Page Reading Time for your Facebook Pixel

BONUS: We've got a FREE giveaway for you (later in the post) of the EXACT Facebook Pixel helper code you need to accurately track Page Scroll depth and retarget the specific visitors you KNOW have shown a string interest.

1. Setup Page Scroll tracking for your Facebook Pixel

The first thing you can do right now is to set up Scroll Tracking on your page and have that scroll tracking data send to your Facebook Pixel (the Pixel that's installed on the page).

If you know how to code javascript, or you have a developer, you could add a some code to your page that would send a message (called an "event") to the Facebook Pixel on your page every time a visitor scrolls an additional 10% or 20% of the page.

Basically that would look something like this:

facebook retargeting custom audiences scroll depth tracking

Then you'd be able to go into Facebook and create a Custom Audience by selecting the SCROLL PERCENT like this:

facebook retargeting custom audiences scroll depth tracking

If you don't have a coder, or you work in an Agency and can't change your client's website code, you can easily set up the exact Scroll Events in seconds using Popcorn Metrics.

2. Narrow your HOT audience with Facebook's "Visitors by Time Spent" feature

First, you can use Facebook's "Visitors by Time Spent" feature as a quick way to narrow your HOT audience to those people who spend the most time on your content.

Instead of narrowing your audience by a specific minimum active reading time, Facebook will let you target those people who it considers spent the most time on your page.

I'm not sure how Facebook measure's this, for example is Facebook tracking if the visitor switches tab or minimises or just goes away and leaves the tab open?

We haven't yet figured out a way to test it, but we doubt it will be anything as advanced.

But its definitely going to help you target a more engaged audience right now.

Open Facebook Ads Manager to Create a Custom Audience (as before) and this time:

  • Select Visitors by Time Spent,
  • Enter your content page or sales page, and then
  • Select the Top 5%, 10% or 25%.


  • Top 5% will give you the HOTTEST audience
  • Top 10% will be broader.
  • Top 25% will be the broadest.

You can experiment to see what works best for you.

Try retargeting to the Top 5%. If you get good conversions here, you could then go a bit wider to the top 10% and see of your conversions still hold up.

Remember, the smaller the percentile, the HOTTER the audience.

3. Setup Page Reading Time for your Facebook Pixel

If you want to create super focused HOT audiences, of people who actually spent AT LEAST 1, or 2 or 5 minutes actually consuming your content, this is a bit more tricky, but totally recommended.

If you know how to code javascript, or you have access to a developer, you could add some code to your page that would send an "event" to the Facebook Pixel on your page every 10 or 15 seconds.

So you get an accurate time of when the visitor was really giving attention, here's what you'd need to count:

  • START counting when visitor first arrives on page
  • STOP counting time if visitor switches tab
  • RESUME counting when visitor returns
  • STOP counting if visitor minimises window
  • RESUME counting when visitor returns
  • STOP counting if visitor is inactive (i.e. no mouse/touch/keyboard activity for 30 secs)
  • RESUME counting when visitor touches screen or uses mouse or keyboard

If you don't have a coder, or you work in an Agency and can't change your client's website code to add Scroll Depth or Page Timing events, you can easily set up the exact same Facebook Pixel Events in seconds using Popcorn Metrics Facebook integration.

That's a bit complex, I know, so... we've done it for you.

Remember that guy at the party, who gave some value for free? Well, I hope this article has already given you great value, but I want to go even further and give you EVEN MORE value..

And so I asked our coders to put together a FREE sample Facebook Pixel helper that you can add to ANY web page to automatically track Page Scroll depth to your Facebook pixel.

It's just ONE line of code that works almost like magic, and you can get it here, right now for FREE.

Just grab your copy of the code and give it to your web developer to add to all your Landing pages, Sales pages, Promoted content, or any other pages on your (or your clients) website-- in fact we recommend you add it to EVERY page!

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