To expose the problem, lets imagine two website visitors...

But only ONE is ready to convert. (One isn't.)

Now, look at the image below..

Who's READY to convert, ..John? ...or Mary?

create Super Hot Retargeting Lists and Convert More Leads - Who's HOT and ready to ascend your Sales Funnel

If you chose John, well done.

(If you chose Mary, go back and [read this](/retargeting-hot-traffic-how-to-use-buyer-intent-to-boost-paid-traffic-conversion/" target="_blank")).

Whyt does this matter?

Because you'll want to retarget each type of visitor differently.

For example, you'd want to retarget:

  • HOT traffic (people like John) with an OFFER Ad, and

  • WARM traffic (people like Mary) with more VALUE based content, to build trust to build her BUYING Temperature.

So... exactly HOW can you segment these types of visitor so you can retarget them separately??

And there's the problem..

Segmenting Your Traffic: The Problem with Page Based Audience ReTargeting

There's a problem with Page based retargeting audiences...

They don't tell you HOW interested your traffic is.

Every visitor seems the same.

But we KNOW they aren't. Our Johns and our Marys are VERY different.

Page based Retargeting Audiences are limited - because they only tell you IF someone visited, but not HOW interested they are.

You don't know WHAT they did on the page - i.e. their actions.

Standard practice is to just pixel EVERY visitor to that page, and add the to your "warm audience" for retargeting.

But, you now know that some will be hotter than others.

Some will be HOT like John, other will be WARMish like Mary.

And what you really want is to:

  • put your HOT traffic (all the Johns) in a HOT audience, and
  • put your WARM traffic (all the Marys) in a WARM audience.

With page based Custom Audiences, John and Mary will seem the same. It will be impossible to separate them.

So, how do you actually segment JOHN and MARY into separate HOT and WARM audiences?

Well, there's a new solution to this...

Its called Facebook In-Page events... and it lets you create HOT audiences based on intent signals like Scroll Depth and Actual Reading Time, like this:

facebook retargeting custom audiences scroll depth tracking AND time-on-page example

Okay, so lets take a quick peek at The Facebook Pixel and In-Page event actions, and see how you can give Facebook this kind of data about each of your visitors, to use un your retargeting audiences.

The Facebook Pixel: In-Page Actions

With the new Facebook Pixel you can now send extra info to help Facebook create smarter audiences by telling Facebook not just about WHAT pages they visit, but WHAT each visitor DOES in the page**.

These in-page actions are called Facebook Pixel "events".

For example, you could tell Facebook when a visitor:

  • scrolls at least 50% of the page
  • spends at least 3 minutes on the page
  • clicks a social share button
  • and more..

These are all ways in which each visitor demonstrates their level of interest so you can gauge their Traffic Temperature.

And with THAT information in Facebook, you can open your Facebook Audiences Manager and segment your WARM and HOT traffic by creating action based Facebook Custom Audiences.

With this kind of data in Facebook, for your HOT traffic, like John, you'd now be able to create a Custom Audience of HOT traffic who visited your Page and:

  • scrolled 50% of the page
  • spent 2 minutes on the page
  • shared the page (etc).
This post is part of a series of posts on using “in-page” Facebook Pixel actions and Buyer Intent behaviour to laser focus your retargeting to your MOST Engaged Traffic, and get more bang for your PPC buck. You can read the main post here.

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