Your paid traffic visitors are not equal.

Some of your traffic may be ready to convert very quickly.

Other visitors will take more time to become interested.

Spotting the difference between these different types of visitors enables you to run more thoughtful campaigns by:

  • retargeting your Hot traffic thats hungry and ready to buy, while also
  • separating the visitors who have not yet shown enough interest to convert, so you can target them separately to warm the with more valuable content, building trust and desire along the way.

But, how can you tell the difference?

So how can you tell the difference between these very different types of visitors?

Well, they'll give you some very different BUYER SIGNALS based on how they behave when they visit your website or promoted content.

And the good news is you can now track and measure these BUYER signals, so you can retarget more effectively and show your offers only to the right visitors, the individuals who have shows strong buying signal, giving you more bang for your PPC buck.

So, lets take an example of TWO Cold Traffic visitors who click your ad and arrive at your website.

We'll call them John and Mary, and, as you'll see they have different intent signals.

Now, read the summary below, and choose which one of John or Mary is MOST likely to convert.

John's "Intent Signals":

  • Scrolled 90% of your article
  • Spent 7 minutes reading your article
  • Shared your article on Facebook

Mary's "Intent Signals":

  • Scrolled 20% of your article
  • Spent 20 seconds reading your article (she then left the tab open but continued her work in another tab and didnt return)
  • Didn't share your article.

create Super Hot Retargeting Lists and Convert More Leads - Who's HOT and ready to ascend your Sales Funnel

Who's HOT and ready to ascend your Sales Funnel? Who has DEMONSTRATED the Intent Signals that show they're more likely to subscribe, signup for your lead magnet, or buy your tripwire product, or even buy your core offer?

Let's take a look at John's intent signals...

  • John read most, if not all, of your article, and
  • invested his time and trusted you enough, to
  • spend his social capital by sharing your article on Facebook.

Boom!! John is your HOT traffic!!

The key point here is that you will get a better conversion rate by retargeting your offer to a HOT audience like John who have DEMONSTRATED they're HOT, than of a cooler audience of people like Mary who haven't yet demonstrated enough interest.
So, you would want to put John into a **HOT Custom Remarketing Audience** to ascend to the next step in your sales funnel.

Mary on the other hand, doesn't seem especially warm yet.

She did click on your ad in Facebook, but once she arrived, maybe she didn't think she'd found what she was looking for. Or maybe she was just busy, and intended to come back, but didn't?

Maybe she's interested, maybe not. We can't be sure.. because she hasn't given us good intent signals..

But we CAN be sure she hasn't yet SIGNALLED a readiness to ascend your sales funnel, so you wouldn't want to show her Ads for the next funnel stage - YET.

First you need to warm Mary you would retarget her with more value building content:

  • the SAME original article (maybe with a different creative) and drive her back to the SAME article and hope she would engage better.
  • case studies
  • social proof
  • testimonials,
  • or other valuable content.

You will get a better conversion rate by retargeting the HOT audience of people like John who have demonstrated a clear interest.

This post is part of a series of posts on using “in-page” Facebook Pixel actions and Buyer Intent behaviour to laser focus your remarketing to your MOST Engaged Traffic, and get more bang for your PPC buck. You can read the main post here.

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