So, you want to have a high converting website funnel?

Of course, everyone does! This post gives you 15 actionable tips to help you start optimizing your Conversion Funnel.

conversion optimisation isn't always just a simple case of the first step in the funnel  - you want an awesome website with a great conversion funnel

The most important optimisation for you conversion funnel is to get users deep into your conversion funnel - because that's where the true value lies for your customers - and hence for your business.

We published a post on The No1 Mistake in Conversion Funnel Optimization, which inspired this list.

  1. CHANGES AT ONE STAGE CAN AFFECT THE FUNNEL: The context is set on your Landing Page(s) when a user decides to register. A different beginning can set the user up for a different interaction deeper in your conversion funnel.

  2. DON'T OPTIMIZE IN ISOLATION: Optimizing one step of your conversion funnel without looking at the overall funnel is dangerous. So it's important that you don't test your funnel stages in isolation. Because while you may improve one stage, you may make a subsequent stage worse, and overall reduce your conversions. You've got to look at the whole funnel.

  3. OPTIMISE EVERY CONVERSION FUNNEL STAGE: Don't just optimise the entry stage of your conversion funnel. YOU should optimise EVERY stage in your Conversion Funnel.

  4. ALWAYS CHECK THE WHOLE FUNNEL: Always make sure an optimisation does NOT have a negative effect on subsequent Funnel Steps. Always keep checking the whole funnel.

  5. CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION IS A PROCESS: It's a step by step process. Test by test. Keep improving every stage of your funnel and over time you'll see results improving.

  6. SUCCESS IS CUMULATIVE: Optimising your whole conversion funnel is high leverage work and success is compounding. Small improvements at every stage in your funnel can really add up.

  7. DECIDE WHAT TO TEST: If in doubt about where to start optimizing your conversion funnel, aim to optimize your conversion funnel from left to right (or from entry to end). A 10% improvement to the first stage will pass through to all subsequent stages.

  8. SPOT THE LOW HANGING FRUIT: Prioritise your conversion funnel optimisation work. Look for the stage in the funnel where you have the biggest drop off. Prioritise your work to improve that part of the funnel.

  9. LOOK FOR INSIGHTS TO TEST: Look for insights and new test ideas. When your data shows up surprises, set up tests to validate.

  10. DATA DATA DATA: Collect the data you need. Then look at it. Understand it. Know it well, so if it changes you will notice. The key is to have the data available to you. Without the data you are blind.

  11. AUTOMATE YOUR DATA: Automate your data. Set up metrics to track your funnel. You need easy access to this data. You cannot do it manually - it needs to be automated and easy to maintain, and these days its easy to capture the data you need and push it to your analytics tool of choice.
    I recommend both mixpanel and KISSmetrics for your conversion funnel. They are both similar products, with subtle differences, so feel free to try both and choose which you prefer.

  12. LOOK AT THE DATA: You really have to look at the data, and understand user behaviour within your conversion funnel.

  13. HIGH VISIBILITY: Put your funnel somewhere easy to find. Save the URL. Bookmark it. Open it daily. Keep it in a tab in your browser. Start to notice every slight change.

  14. MEASURE DEEP: When you run tests, make sure you measure the deep conversion goal. Even if your test is focused on an earlier stage, make sure you ALSO measure subsequent stages.

  15. RELAX, IT'S EASY: This isn't difficult. It just takes for you to set up your data, run tests, and measure not just the direct test, but the change down the funnel.

BONUS TIP:Use the right tools:

Here are my recommended tools for A/B Testing, Conversion Funnels and Data Capture.

A/B Testing Tools:

Conversion Funnel Tools:

Data Collection Tools:

Of course, optimizing your Conversion Funnel should be a part of your overall Marketing Analytics Stack. Read The 7 Essentials of Marketing Analytics - a Beginners Guide for Growth Hackers to find out more.

Were these tips helpful? Got more tips? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.