This is my shortest post ever. But get this - Bill Macaitis (CMO of [Slack](" target="_blank)) recently shared these words of wisdom in the power of recommendations for growth.

Such a simple idea, and yet it shows how mindset can have a huge impact on growth.

“We don’t care if we got the first sale. We don’t care if the person stayed with us. We only care if they recommend us,” said Macaitis. “It changes the entire mindset of the organization.”

Here's a link to [the full interview at Hubspot](" target="_blank).

I have a separate post coming soon about how we also made a change to our own mindset that had a huge impact on our own growth at [Popcorn Metrics](" target="_blank), so check back soon or leave your email and you wont miss it. And remember that as part of any growth or referral marketing program, the data you capture should be a part of your overall [Marketing Analytics Stack](GHOST_URL/6-essentials-of-marketing-analytics-a-beginners-guide-for-startup-growth-hackers/" target="_blank).

What changes in your own thinking have let to a big change in your growth? Let me know in the comments below.

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