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We interview Rosanne, the brilliant and very charming Marketer at Saleduck about how she managed to grow sales over 14% in just months. Below you will read her frank words-- the good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing has been held back!

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READ the Case Study: HOW Saleduck increased their key Revenue driving metric "Click-Out-Rate" by 14.3% in just 6 months.


Saleduck is an online deal community active in 14 markets in South East Asia and Europe. We provide discounts and discountcodes for example for Zalando, Lazada, Expedia, Domino’s and Asos.

Work Role / Position:

Marketing Director

LinkedIn Profile:

Website(s): (example of this case-study)

How big is your team?

32 employees in the company, I am managing 10 FTE.

How long have you been in business?

+4 years

QUESTION: What was the main challenge or problem you needed to solve?

We wanted to have better insights in user behaviour on our website and also see which behaviors are most likely to lead to a conversion. We wanted to be able to have a better overview of our user flow and create several conversion funnels. We were also wondering if all our functionalities were being used or that maybe we should get rid off some of our new cool, but maybe unnecessary, features.

QUESTION: How did you solve that problem BEFORE Popcorn Metrics?

Basically we didn’t.

We used heatmaps, scrollmaps etc and we used Google Analytics (GA) data.
The problem with heatmaps and scrollmaps for us is that it was hard to track clicks across urls the way we wanted to and we didn’t know which user clicked where and how many times.

The program with GA data was that we did not track visitors across multiple devices and we didn’t have all ‘GA Events’ set up by IT that we needed in order to make the right ‘GA Goals’ and funnels.

It was very hard for us to check retention too, even though many of our visitors have a member accounts. We could not see how behavior of members and non members differed.

QUESTION: What was the previous solution/not having Popcorn Metrics costing your business?

Before we had Popcorn Metrics to track certain ‘events’ on our website I had to create a ticket for our development team for each individual event. We didn’t always think of all the events we needed the first time right away either, so I created multiple tickets at different times. The tickets had to be discussed by the dev team before they were put into a sprint. But of course these tickets did not have the most priority so we usually had to wait 1 or 2 months before the event we wanted to have in GA was live. To give an example, when we first launched our new design we enabled our visitors to vote deals up and down. We had no way of measuring how many times our visitors actually did this and we had to wait for IT to create a GA event for this for quite some time. Our websites change a lot all the time, we introduce many new features and functionalities so there are many new things that we would like to track and measure on a monthly basis.

With Popcorn Metrics we get it done faster (literally only takes us 5 minutes), and we don’t need developers to help us set it up. I think it saves us easily 3 hours of development & discussion every week. Lost opportunities definitely occurred as well because we were not able to measure everything that was happening on our site. Hence, we could not analyse user behavior and make changes according to user behavior analysis.

On a yearly basis it saves us over 100 hours of development capacity.

QUESTION: What would have been the outcome of not using Popcorn Metrics? What benefits would you have missed?

We would not have been able to figure out where in which part of the conversion funnel visitors dropped of and thus not been able to know where optimization was needed. It also gave us many insights we would not have had otherwise.

For example, on our webshop pages it is our main goal to have our visitors click on a button that opens a discountcode. Above all the featured discounts, we had a ‘submit discountcode’ button, meant for our visitors to send in discountcodes that were missing on our site. In our Popcorn Metrics dashboard we saw that this event fired many times, but in our backend we did not see many discountcodes coming in. We then A/B tested those pages with the submit discountcode button in a less prominent position and our CTR to our partners increased with 5% on mobile.

QUESTION: How was your/your team’s work day different AFTER using Popcorn Metrics?

Immediately after we had implemented a change on our website I could setup tracking for it so we could measure it, instead of waiting for IT to pick up the ticket (took up to 2 months at times). My team came to me with questions regarding user flows / behavior that I wasn’t able to answer as accurate before.

QUESTION: How did you hear about Popcorn Metrics? What made Popcorn Metrics stand out as a potential fit for your needs?

I followed a 6 week growth hacking course at Growth Tribe Academy in Amsterdam (great course by the way), and they introduced us to Popcorn Metrics in combination with Mixpanel. I was pretty amazed by the possibilities and started experimenting with it straight away the next day. After the free trial had ended we moved on to a paid version and never left since.

QUESTION: What was most important to you when evaluating your options? What other solutions (if any) did you consider?

It was really important for me that we could rely on the data that is send into Mixpanel, a user friendly interface and not too pricy. It was also important it was not too technical to set up or use, so all our country managers can work with it. Popcorn Metrics is not expensive at all, especially when you only have 1 domain (We have 14 domains so for us it will get a bit more pricy). In the beginning we had some issues with setting up some tracking, because our website is really dynamic and under constant construction and therefore content, elements and css can change on a daily basis. Customer support was there to help us with these issues though and they even built some custom made solutions for us.

QUESTION: What was your decision making process for choosing Popcorn Metrics? Who was involved in the selection process?

After having set everything up and after having collected data from over 2 months I showed it to our CEO and showed all the possibilities and the insights that I had gained. He liked it a lot as well so we then moved forward to using it for our second domain (more to follow).

QUESTION: When you started, what result did you want from Popcorn Metrics?

I wanted to be able to see user-flows, user behavior, where people dropped off in the conversion funnel and most importantly we wanted to collect data about individual (retained) users too.

QUESTION: How well has Popcorn Metrics met those needs?

As far as data collecting goes it’s really good. For data processing we mostly rely on Mixpanel though, so we really need this combination in order to profit from it.

QUESTION: What has been the SINGLE biggest benefit from Popcorn Metrics?

Collecting data about individual (retained) users and their behavior. In GA we could not follow individual users (especially not when across devices) and their journey and behavior on our sites. It’s fantastic that we are now able to do so, especially for our visitors with a member account. It gives us many insights seeing what users do differently (or the same) when they re-visit our website for example.

QUESTION: What most surprised you about Popcorn Metrics?

The customer service without a doubt. At first I was even a bit sceptical about some of the messages, thought maybe it was automated because I could not imagine a single customer would get this kind of personal attention. Soon I realized though that the team is really devoted to make it’s customers happy and they really listen to the feedback I gave them.

QUESTION: If you could change one thing Popcorn Metrics what would it be?

It’s too bad that we are unable to track all our members that register Facebook instead of with their e-mail account. It would also be nice if more RegEx was supported. Another small improvement would be if I could edit events straight away from the event list in the dashboard.

QUESTION: If you were recommending Popcorn Metrics to a friend, what would you say?

If you really want to know what is happening on your site, Popcorn Metrics combined with Mixpanel is a must. Popcorn Metrics will let you understand a lot more of the user behavior on your website and show areas of improvement for you.

QUESTION: How easy was it to setup Popcorn Metrics? How long did it take to get up and running? Who was involved in the process?

Of course you always need to get familiar with new software, but it’s explained very well and eventually it did not take me more than 2 hours tracking EVERYTHING that is happening on our site. This is definitely also possible for marketers that aren’t too technical, like myself.

QUESTION: How is Popcorn Metrics helping your business, your competitive advantage?

It allows us to move us just as fast as our site changes.

We cancelled a subscription for a heatmap / scrollmap tool

Saved us +100 hours of development cost

Allowed us to test and optimise our conversion funnel (because we found out where people actually dropped off) resulting in +5% more clickouts to our partners

Saves my team +/- 1 hour a week to check how their website is performing, able to see decreases in events firing and able to act upon this immediately.

QUESTION: How quickly did you start getting results from Popcorn Metrics?

Usually the hardest part is interpreting the data, not collecting the data. Data collection in Popcorn Metrics is easy, but it takes some time before you have collected enough data to draw conclusions. However, the first results for us came in after two weeks, when we realized not many of our visitors visited the comment pages of our deals. Once we realized this we tested with elements that moved when hovered over, that triggered more clicks to the comment pages.

QUESTION: Is there a particular aspect of the product or service that you rely on most? Who on your team is using the service?

Everyone in my team is using it to gain user data, but mostly me and our data analyst. The data that is most interesting to us is the user behavior flow of retained users and drop-offs of the conversion funnels.

QUESTION: How has Popcorn Metrics achieved, exceeded or fallen short of your initial objectives?

Exceeded our expectations, especially for the time money and effort we put in.

QUESTION: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Popcorn Metrics?

It’s just really easy to use, reliable, enables you to know everything that is going on on your website and allows you to back your assumptions up by data. Overall it just gives us great value.

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